Buying a home can be overwhelming. That’s why a lot of people use me as their Realtor. I take the complexity and pain out of buying.

I help home buyers by following a 5 step program:

1) Preapproval
I help buyers to become preapproved with a mortgage lender. The mortgage lender will give you a preapproval letter that you can use when you make offers. This way we know right up front how much the bank will lend. This can save a lot of time and help us to focus on homes that are actually a possibility.

2) Define What Kind of Home You Like
Then we sit down and you tell me what your criteria is. How many bedrooms and square feet do you want? Do you need a garage? What neighborhood or area do you want to live in? After we have narrowed down what you are looking for, then I can start to get to work and find available homes that meet your criteria. We’ll look at as many as you want to until we find that home that makes you excited.

I also have software that is extremely helpful for buyers. I can program it so that it emails you as soon as a home that meets your criteria hits the market. This way, we are able to be competitive and be the first to make offers on new homes that hit the market.

3) Make Offers
Some buyers want me to make multiple offers on different homes. Others prefer to look more and only write an offer when they find the perfect home. Either way is fine. My goal is to help you find the home that makes you excited. We’ll take as long or as little time as you want to spend and we’ll make as many offers as you want to.

Once you get an offer accepted, I’ll help guide you along the buying process. You’ll need to get a home inspection to make sure the home is in good and safe condition. Then we’ll need to get an appraisal. This shows the bank that your home is worth at least as much as they are lending you.

5) Closing
After the inspections and appraisal have been completed, you’ll be ready to finish the transaction. This is the exciting part. We’ll go down to a title company (they prepare all the paperwork and provide title insurance) and sign papers. I carefully review the paperwork several days before closing. I do this to make sure that my buyers are protected and that they are not paying too much for the title fees. I usually can save them money and often I catch mistakes that need to be corrected prior to closing.

Once you’ve signed the papers (this is called closing), then you’ll get the key to your new home and can begin moving in. Welcome home!