Buying Your Dream Home

This guide gives you 12 comprehensive chapters covering everything you need to know about buying your dream home. From choosing the right neighborhood to writing an offer, this guide will educate you so that you become a savvy consumer.

Avoiding the pitfalls is half the battle. The other half is catching you up to speed on the real estate world so that you get the best deal possible.

Chapters include:

1. An Introduction to Home Buying
2. Choosing the Right Mortgage Lender
3. Prequalification
4. Choosing the Neighborhood (finding statistics on crime, schools, etc.)
5. Defining What is Important in a Home
6. Developing Your Criteria
7. Types of Sellers (Bank Owned, Short Sales, Property Owner, Trustee)
8. Writing A Strong Offer
9. Negotiating A Good Deal
10. Due Diligence Contingencies & Concessions
11. Due Diligence: The 3 Biggies
12. Closing Tips & Fee Scrutiny