Out of State Homeowners: Selling Made Easy

Selling an out of state home can seem daunting for many homeowners.

A lot of people have a job transfer, move because of family reasons, or inherit a home in another state. Though the reasons are numerous, the challenges are the same: what to do with a home that’s hundreds of miles away.

My real estate company specializes in helping out of state homeowners sell their home quickly and easily.

Over the last several years, we have helped over 50 out of state homeowners sell their Utah properties. The majority of these homeowners I have never met in person. We simply have done business over the phone, mail, email, and other means of communication. There are ways of checking people out before you do business to make sure they are credible and trustworthy.

Though there are challenges to selling a home out of state, my goal is to make the transaction as seamless and smooth as possible.

I have compiled this 13 page guide just for you to help walk you through the process of selling an out of state home. As I currently own property in Indiana (about 1500 miles away), I very much understand both the challenges as well as how to successfully carry out real estate transactions from far away.

The chapters in this guide are as follows:

1. Is Owning an Out of State Property for You?
2. Conducting Business Out of State
3. Remodel or Sell “As Is”
4. Contractors, Realtors, Insurance, Title Company, Mortgage Lenders
5. The Process of Selling from Out of State in Six Easy Steps
6. Options for Out of State Homeowners: Selling, Renting, Financing