How do I Know if You Are Honest and Ethical?

There are companies out there that are unethical and give the industry a negative reputation. This is very unfortunate. Like any industry, there are honest and aboveboard people in real estate and there are those who are not ethical.

How to determine if I am the honest and ethical:

1. Contact my references and ask them very pointed questions like “What has been your experience with Mark Hopkins of Sunny Day Homes?”, “Has Mark ever been dishonest or unethical in a business dealing with you or with any other person that you know of?”, “Would you recommend I do business with Mark and if so, why?”

2. Verify that I actually own all the properties that I claim to. Go to the Weber County Parcel Search and type in “Sunny Day Homes” and “Integrity Real Estate” (another company I own) and see how many houses come up. I own over 20 properties (a good deal of them are in Weber County) and this parcel search will verify that I own these properties.

3. Check out my financial statements:

My promise to sellers: At any time, you can request my company’s financial statements audited by a Certified Public Accountant. These statements will show you that my company is profitable and has deep reserves.

My promise to rent to owners: At any time before you rent to own a home from me or during the rent to own process, you can request to see the current mortgage statement for the house you are buying. This will show that the mortgage is current and up-to-date. Many of my competitors refuse to do this and some can’t prove to you that the mortgage on the house you are renting to own is current and paid up to date.