Investor Training

Our partner, Brian Belnap, offers Utah investor training in renting to own and in buying real estate with a “subject to” transaction. I have studied with and learned from him and highly recommend him.

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Brian Belnap, Evergreen Solutions, LLC

Rent to Own Investor Training

Brian can teach you how to run an effective and profitable business buying and renting to own real estate. This a great service to people whose credit may not be sufficient for them to buy a home out right. His investor training will show you how to do your first rent to own transaction. Instead of learning by lecture or reading books, you’ll actually do your first rent to own transaction together. That way you can learn what pitfalls to avoid and how to structure a rent to own transaction that protects both you and the person renting to own. His investor training will show you what to avoid and what to look for in renting to own. He will also set you up with the contracts and correct legal forms you need to make your business successful.

Subject to Investor Training

Subject to investor training teaches you how to buy real estate with little or none of your own money. A “subject to” transaction allows investors to take over existing loan payments and thus take over the financial obligation for an existing mortgage. So instead of worrying about how to qualify each additional property you buy, why not learn how to buy properties “subject to”? Subject to investing is a tremendous opportunity for those who have the know how.